Business Development

Mergers & Acquisitions

Technology scouting

We provide VCs and investors technology scouting solutions along with advanced selection & assessment methodology process based on many years of experience in the M&A field in alignment with investors portfolio. 


We globally commercialize disruptive innovative products, giving corporates access to the leading technology solutions while generating sales for leading Israeli technology startups.

Business Development

What are the growth engines of your company? Based on our analysis and methodologies and together with management we lead a process to define, sustain, and grow the company’s competitive advantage and define a growth plan which results in clear, focused, specific and visual goals, objectives, and outputs.   

Mergers & Acquisitions

Based on our vast experience in M&As, we specialize where most due diligence processes fail. Generating the combined strategy, planning & executing integration, synergy and managing the human factor which is responsible for many failures of M&As.

Partners and customers

Our team of experts

In WeFund every one of our team of experts brings vast experience in management and management consulting. Together we bring multi-disciplinary expertise in the areas of strategy & growth,
operations, finance, and organizational behavior.  

Ayelet Root – CEO

Areas of expertise: Mergers and Acquisitions, Capital Funding, , Strategic collaborations Commercialization

Dr. Eyal Pinko

Areas of expertise: Business intelligence, Cyber security Collaborations and partnerships, Business Development

Orly Roah

Areas of expertise: Financial management, Operational excellence, Profitability management

Orlit Ashkenazi Yossef

Areas of expertise: Strategic HR management, Managing HR in M&As, Organizational culture and synergy

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